Tips On Dressing For Your Body Shape

It is difficult to choose the right clothing that suits your body shape. You should look for the latest fashion trend and dress based on your appearance. Here is the list of some of the standard body shapes of women and the type of outfits that best suit for your body shape.

Pear Shaped
The shape of your body may look like a pear-shaped fruit where the hip is wider than your shoulders. You can wear fit and flare dresses which would look good for your shape. This type of outfits would project your body shape and make you look good. The neckline and strapped outfits would look attractive for a pear-shaped body.

Inverted Triangle Shape
Some women have wide shoulders and bust. Their body looks like an inverted triangle with shoulders wider than their hips. Heavy skirts, dresses with sleeves, tight pants make your bottom attractive and avoid focus on the hip.

Rectangular Shape
The waist, hip and shoulders look the same size. A regular shape without any curve for a woman may not look attractive. So it is possible to create the curves in your body using latest fashion outfits. Wear skirts with frills, bows and ruffles. It helps to make you look that you have a lot of curves in your body. You can also wear belts for your outfits to make you look attractive.

Apple Shaped
Woman with apple shaped body have broader wait and shoulders, but their legs look thin. They can choose tops with extra volume so that it does not show off the imbalance of their body shape. They can prefer wearing wide skirts, loose pants so that they can project their legs and make them look broad.

This type of body shape is full of curves. The shoulders and hips are of the same size. The waist looks smaller, and the body broadens as you reach the bottom. Wear dresses that help to project your waist. Belted dresses are the perfect option for hourglass type shape of the body. Choose outfits that make your upper part of the body attractive.

The above article would help people to choose the right type of outfit based on their body shape.

Understanding the Shape Of Your Body

There are huge varieties of fashion outfits available in retail outlets, or even you can shop them online. It is not that easy to choose right clothing for a woman based on her body shape. Buying dresses of the right size is a challenging task for all women. Women look for outfits that suit their body shape and which is comfortable to wear. Comfortable and fit clothing boosts your confidence level as you feel good when wearing the right clothes for your body shape. It is important that you understand the shape of your body so that it will help in choosing the right outfit to make you look attractive.

Types Of Body Shape
There are several types of body shapes namely pear-shaped, inverted triangle shape, rectangular shaped, apple shaped, hourglass-shaped etc. Find out what type of body shape you belong to from the shapes mentioned above. An hourglass-shaped is the perfect shape with good balance. Make sure that you choose the outfits so that you create an illusion that you maintain a perfect balance of your body shape.

Identifying the Body Shape
This can be done by standing before a mirror by placing your legs together and arms on the sides of your body. Now you can examine how the shape of your arms, shoulders, bust, waist, hip and thighs varies. Now try to compare your body shape with the body shapes listed above.

Choosing The Right Outfit
There are different styles and options of outfits that you can choose based on your body shape. Wearing a heavy skirt would look good for people with broader shoulders. A pear-shaped body can be made attractive and balanced by wearing fit dresses or outfits with spaghetti straps. Woman with a regular shape can go for belted outfits so that they create an illusion of curve in their body.

The above would help people to understand the shape of their body and choose their outfits based on it.